Today, Amazon told the world about Kindle, a "wireless portable reading device with instant access to more than 90,000 books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers." We're guessing it's called "Kindle" because soon all books will have to be burned, as we will no longer know how to interface with them without our wireless readers!

"I love slipping into a comfortable chair for a long read," Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos reminisces. However, it seems that something deep inside him has been asking, 'Is there a way to get the emotions and experiences I love from books, but combined with the possibilities of advanced technology?' Apparently, there is!

Kindle uses something called "electronic paper" to make the experience "nothing like reading from a computer screen." Except, of course, that it is exactly like reading from a screen. The Kindle can also, unfortunately, hold two hundred books. Its "advanced technologies" mean that you don't even have to be near a Wifi hotspot to log in and start readin' the millions and millions of pages available to you.

Also, it'll set you back $400.

Oh, and you can watch a video of Nobel Laureate and author Toni Morrison discussing her "Kindle experience" <a href="