In the outside chance there still exists a pocket of backwoods-dwelling clodhoppers who have yet to learn of Jessica Seinfeld's bestselling cookbook Deceptively Delicious, the wife of Bee Movie mogul Jerry Seinfeld appeared on The View today to further outline her methods of veggie-disguising culinary tricksiness.

At one point, Barbara Walters inevitably brings up the small matter of the other cookbook on the same topic released several months earlier: Jessica writes off her competitor's concerns as merely an effort to "look for cracks" in someone else's success (sharing the same highly specific premise and 15 identical recipes, presumably, amounting to a sizable fissure). Still, she stops short of echoing her husband's outright dismissal of the author as a stalker crackpot with possible ties to the Manson Family, offering up some guarded sympathy for the other woman before Mothers Against Round-Earthers celebrity spokeswoman Sherri Shepherd jumps in to save the floundering guest with a compassionate, "You were just trying to get your kids to eat some vegetables!"