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We noted Digg founder Kevin Rose's tragic haircut when we first saw a glimpse of it in picture from last month's Lobby conference. We saw the entrepreneur at a party Saturday night and can tell you that the cut looks better in person than it does in pictures, though four weeks worth of growth probably helps. So why did Rose shed his trademark shaggy locks in the first place?

He told Valleywag that he was worried about the Hawaiian heat of David Hornik's The Lobby conference, and decided to go short. By himself. Using the No. 5 setting on his electric razor. And we're willing to wager that the barber's blood-alcohol content was a bit north of .08, cause, really, who cuts their own hair while sober?

Now that the haircut question is settled, let's ponder a more tantalizing query: Why was Rose seen arriving and leaving the party with Lara Doucette, better known as Lala on the Web video show TikiBarTV? We had high hopes for his reunion with ex-girlfriend Sarah Lane once we saw them together in Hawaii a few weeks ago. Perhaps this is a rekindling of another old flame? Kevin and Lala looked awfully cozy at last year's Revision3 launch. (Photo by b_d_solis)