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Who's the lucky chap appointed by the Delaware Chancery Court to oversee the mess that is Pay By Touch? That'd be Tom Lumsden, senior managing director at advisory firm FTI Consulting. He's spent 29 years getting companies shipshape, and if his leaked memo is any indication, he's all about getting things done. He's been on the job for maybe four business days and has already secured $9 million to help Pay By Touch do important things like pay employees.

What's more, he's persuaded ex-COO Eula Adams to return to his post. Adams was fired in one of former CEO John Rogers's final "erratic actions" before a court took control. If only Lumsden could spin the world around and reverse time all the way back to before Pay By Touch was founded, and stop Rogers from starting this ill-fated company in the first place — now that would be really cool. (Photo by Mark and Allegra Jaroski-Biava)