Crumplefaced spry the Daily News' restaurant writer Danyelle Freeman stops by Lower East Side's Allen and Delancey in today's review, quotes from Walden, misinterprets Thoreau and in general cuts a broad swath of self-indulgent nonsense across the meanness of life.

At Allen & Delancey, a well-heeled woman spooned bone marrow into her mouth. It was a nonchalant bar gesture, followed by a leisurely sip of a cocktail.

This is a culinary sign of the times.

Henry David Thoreau once wrote, "Live deep and suck out all the marrow of life." Dining on bone marrow was likely not what the philosopher had in mind, but fitting, as this is not an uncommon sight at New York City restaurants in the 21st century.

You're right, DF! Thoreau was using something called a metaphor where one thing really is a symbol of something else. Kind of like when you say, "Creative and tremendously flavored dishes streak the menu." They're not actually running across the menu naked, waving and yelling, "Go Yankees!", are they? But you know, I guess it's cool that you yanked Thoreau's quote about going to live in the woods alone and meditate on life since sucking marrow is such a common sight in New York restaurants in the 21st century. Also! That Thoreau quote is the third quote down on thinkexist's search for keyword marrow.

Leaving Thoreau aside, we wonder who exactly that well-heeled woman could be? Could it be Danyelle herself? Maybe the many many ads—a leaderboard up top and one on bottom plus a 300x250 rectangle—for Restaurantgirl she's arranged to be splashed all over the Daily News website are finally paying off.