Hollywood writers are striking because studios will not give them residuals from content distributed over the Internet or through DVDs. Or are they? One of the first films already effected by the strike is Ron Howard's adaptation of Dan Brown's Angels & Demons, the sequel prequel to The Da Vinci Code. Could the Illuminati, the secret society exposed in Brown's book, be behind the strike? Could I, a blogger, possibly find a cheesier way to get you to find out more?

OK, so no. The illuminati are not behind the writers' strike. But it's true that several films are already halting production do to the work stoppage. According to Variety, Howard's Angels & Demons will not wrap in time for a Christmas 2008 release as originally planned. Expect it to be pushed back to May 2009. Fellow conspiracy theorist Oliver Stone stopped work on his current project, a film called Pinkville based on the My Lai massacre.