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How bad do you want to go viral on the Web? Al Qaeda bad? Because I hear the fundamentalist-Islamic terrorist group is the best around at spreading by word of mouse. This according to Gabriel Weimann, professor of communications at the University of Haifa in Israel. Weinman monitors 5,800 militant Islamist sites, and he's got bad news about the terrorists' ability to market themselves on the Web.

They're good at it. "When they target children, they do everything any commercial advertiser would do. They use comic books, storytelling, graphics, movies, competitions, prize-winning and so on," Weimann told WebProNews. So the only question here is why your marketing team isn't learning Arabic, logging on, and taking some serious notes. If they don't improve their viral skills soon, the terrorists will ... no, sorry. I just can't type the words.

(Photo by AP)