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As Hollywood prepares to bury those still-nagging feelings of labor-strife-related dread in turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes, here's the morning's round-up of strike news:

· In the last theme-picket before striking writers get a break for the Thanksgiving holiday, the WGA has invited " members of the Service Employees International Union, California Nurses Association, Teamsters, actors, musicians, elected officials, and union supporters" to join in today's Solidarity with Writers march on Hollywood Blvd. (With a special musical performance by Alicia Keys!) There was no formal announcement of the involvement of local celebrities Sexually Harassed Spider-Man or Britney-Loving Superman, but we can still hope the rally's vist to the Chinese Theatre superheroes' stomping grounds brings them out in a show of support for the writers' cause. []

· At yesterday's Fox picket line, recently or soon-to-be laid-off assistants turned out to march with their co-workers and bosses. And at a lemonade stand set up by two terminated Shark assistants, one writer stuffed a $100 bill in their full donation jar, exceeding the suggested, topical "8 cents (non-negotiable)" rate of contribution. [Scribe Vibe]
· Meanwhile, the Get Back in That Room layoff list is up to 456 names. [Get Back in That Room]
· Knowing that renewed negotiations await after the long weekend, the mood at the Warner Bros. and Fox picket lines was "more upbeat and optimistic," replacing last week's prevailing feelings of despair, foreboding, and inevitable doom. [THR]
· Other feelings produced by the announcement of the resumed contract talks: "relief and cautious optimism."[Variety]
· United Hollywood invites our local television stations to today's Hollywood Blvd. rally, noting that they missed the big Fox rally/Rage Against the Machine reunion concert of the strike's first week. [United Hollywood]
· Var gets in its Strike Wayback Machine and travels to the 1988 work stoppage, which, as we all certainly remember from the constant invocation of these two facts, lasted 22 weeks and cost Hollywood $500 million. [Variety]
· Proving that CAA has—by far—made the most lasting impression with its choice of picket-line snacks, an assistant was seen toting a "Will Strike for Churros" sign. [Scribe Vibe]

· [Photo: Var Scribe Vibe]