"The media went on a rampage, blaming me for the whole O.J. book debacle. They came out, guns blazing, and tried to kill me. I felt like Faye Dunaway's character in the final scene of Bonnie and Clyde. Bullets flying in every direction," former publisher Judith Regan writes in her hotly-anticipated Harper's Bazaar profile of herself. You know, the one where she talks about having sung 'My Way!' It's on newsstands now, and it is all about how she "took the blows." In fact, this phrase comes up several times. In one instance she writes that something happened "after a month of taking the blows without protection." Shots! Blows! Attempts on Judith's very life! What is fact here and what's hyperbole? Does Judith Regan believe in distinguishing between the two?

Ha. DUH, NO! She's Judith Regan. Judith "Golden Vagina" Regan. Judith 'my cock is so enormous' Regan. The woman who has inspired almost a mini-genre of books and screenplays about what a mythically hilariously insanely evil boss she is! Judith! Regan!

Here's how she describes herself as a boss, by the way: "I was the perfectionist manager who wanted everything better. My author's book covers had to be perfect ... the title had to be changed 20 times ... the sales goals had to be revised .. the content had to be reconstructed. I was never happy unless it was done and done right."

So we've heard!

So she can dish it out, but can she take it? "People were afraid to come to my defense ... it disappointed me to the bone and broke my heart." Also: ""It was a vulnerable moment for me." Aww! So: no.

You know how, after a traumatic event like a breakup or a firing, sometimes you find yourself unable to think in any terms besides the lyrics of pop songs? That seems to be what's happening to Judy. Not only does she repeatedly quote her karaoke fave 'My Way,' she also writes,"They tried to hurt me, and maybe they did, but I know this much is true: You can take your punches, and you can take everything away from me, but no one will ever hijack my imagination, my drive, my creative spirit, or my dignity."

Yes: Lucky for Judy, she long ago discovered The Greatest Love Of All.