In an unprecedented move that threatens to undermine the sacred premise of future installments of ABC's blockbuster TV-matchmaking franchise The Bachelor, America's heart was cleaved in twain as Brad Womack (billed repeatedly as The Sexiest Bachelor Yet!) refused to pretend that he'd fallen for any of this season's desperate-for-companionship contestants and offer one of the show's trademark, temporary-commitment-affirming engagement rings to either finalist, walking away from the the series finale as a single man.

We invite you to relive (or live for the first time, if you had something better to watch last night) this historic and emotionally devastating moment, one that will likely be followed by Womack's immediate relocation to Los Angeles, where he can enjoy the sexual attention of countless singles who think they can finally teach the dream-destroying Texan, so obviously damaged by the manipulation of producers hoping for the usual months of free publicity from the BRAD AND DEANNA: STILL TOGETHER? People cover stories counting off the days until his sham engagement inevitably petered out, to fake-love again.