Don't worry, you'll still be able to poke anyone you like, but soon Facebook will stop forcibly conjugating "to be" for you. Right now, Facebook's "status" feature automatically places an "is" in front of whatever you declare your status to be. For instance, "Aleksey Veyner is a douchebag."

This is all well and good, except sometimes your status involves less being than, say, becoming, forcing such awk constructions as "Aleksey Veyner is wanting to be an investment banker."

And then there are times when you forget that the universal copula is universally appended, so you type in "is a douchebag" as your status, and the rest of the world reads it as "Aleksey Veyner is is a douchebag."

In response to such existential quandaries, the Facebook coding elves have decided to banish the compulsory "is" once and for all; the changes have already been made behind the scenes and "will be pushed to Facebook at large soon and make the lack of verb a default behavior rather than something you have to specify."

Basically, you'll no longer have to be to be on Facebook. Progress!