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How in the great and powerful Oz's name it took this long to get the Munchkins a star on the Walk of Fame is beyond us, but today, that wrong was reversed, as seven of the nine surviving diminutive residents of Munchkinland were finally granted their rightful plot on Hollywood's legendary urine-stained road. (They've been especially busy around town lately, with three of them—Jerry Maren, Mickey Carroll and Karl Slover—handing out Dunkin' Donut Munchkin hole treats along with their support to WGA picketers outside NBC.)

"It feels great to be here," said former Lollipop Guild member Maren, taking in the scene outside the Chinese Theater below an arc of rainbow balloons—a far more fitting tribute than 1981's Under the Rainbow, the crappy Chevy Chase movie that depicted them as a pack of horny, drunken savages swinging from the fixtures of the Culver Hotel.

[Photo: Getty Images]