Patrick Waldo, the Huffington Post's video guy, is also an out and proud vegan. Vegans are people who don't eat or use anything that came from animals, so obviously they hate Thanksgiving, the holiday that celebrates our Puritan forefathers' victory over the savage turkeys of The New World. Vegans refuse to exploit animals in any way except to use them to try to make the rest of us feel bad for wanting some honey in our hot toddy and wanting our hot toddy in a leather mug. So yesterday Mr. Waldo wrote a little HuffPo Blog about how he took a trip to a very special kind of turkey farm.

Waldo went to a farm where "farm animals go to live out long and healthy lives." He wanted to see the majestic birds explore their proper, natural destiny of requiring constant, expensive human care to survive.

Waldo learned that turkeys "are extremely social and are always seen together, earning them the nickname 'The Three Tenors'. One of the turkeys even conspires with other animals at the farm to sneak food when the caretakers aren't looking. He must be the Pavarotti of the group (too soon?)."


Anyway he took some videos of a cute girl petting turkeys and sheep and pigs and aren't they all so adorable! He also included a video of some unlucky turkeys getting abused at a factory farm and if you watch it and still want to eat some damn turkey tomorrow then you are a MONSTER, YOU SICK MONSTER.

Lucky Turkeys Have A Lot To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving [HuffPo]