You bastard stagehands! You're making little kids sad with your selfish demands! These precocious youngsters are forced to sing on streetcorners, as seen in this NY1 story featuring interviews with the sad children, the producer of Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical, and B-roll footage of some lazy stagehands smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee and slowly walking in a circle. There was also a clip run incessantly yesterday of one of the child actors weeping, as not making kids sad seems to be the primary argument for keeping The Grinch open during this terrible strike. Producers filled a courtroom with wide-eyed Dickensian Whorphans Jimmy Stewart-style yesterday as they attempted to keep their limited-engagement public shitting on a universally-beloved children's book classic alive. We are thankful for labor disputes that put expensive ends to terrible, childhood-raping cash-ins.

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