By now we've all agreed that Vanessa on 'Gossip Girl' is beyond annoying. Like, back off, sister! Give Serena and Dan the space they need. God. But the thing that most confounds us about this underminer? Her wack clothes. As New York's Fiona Byrne puts it, "What exactly is Vanessa's deal? Why does she dress like an extra from a New Kids on the Block video?" Well,
we've got an answer now, straight from the mouth of Jessica Szohr, who plays V. "In the book, Vanessa was very gothic, always in black, with piercings and when we started the show, they wanted to make her kind of Lower East Side ... tight skinny jeans, high-tops, and things like that," Szohr explained. "I had just moved here so I wasn't aware of the neighborhoods, so when I was doing homework for my character, I went to the Lower East Side." Ah.