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· Hollywood, always more than happy to turn the multiplex into a refuge from your bickering, turkey-stuffed, dysfunctional family, is putting seven movies into wide release this Thanksgiving weekend. Send the bratty kids to Enchanted while you watch Javier Bardem dispassionately slaughter everyone unlucky enough to cross his death-dealing path in No Country for Old Men. [Variety]
· In what may be the most brilliant (or deranged?) voiceover casting in the history of animated film, the following trio are on board for Disney's G-Force, the story of some fuzzy animals who try to thwart a crazy billionaire's dreams of world domination: "[Nic] Cage will play Speckles, a mole; [Steve] Buscemi will portray Bucky, a hamster; and [Tracy] Morgan will voice Blaster, a guinea pig." [THR]

· Before the Devil Knows You're Dead—if you find No Country not a bleak enough view of human nature, check it out—director Sidney Lumet signs a deal with the Funky Buddha group to finance his next two films. [Variety]
· New Line is trying to stop the release of the documentary Beyond the Golden Compass: The Magic of Philip Pullman because the studio feels it will unfairly compete with its own efforts to profit from Pullman's armored polar bears. [THR]
· The ongoing Broadway stagehands strike will have unpleasant consequences for Macy's Thankgiving Parade, which may have to acknowledge the strife by half-deflating a planned Legally Blonde: The Musical balloon. [Variety]