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With the imminent arrival of ten war veterans on scholarship, America's Most Annoying Liberal Arts College 's student newspaper has published an op-ed about how these special students should be treated. But first, a little self-righteous back-patting: "It is sadly ironic that Wesleyan is stepping up to provide important services to vets while the current administration is barely able to." Omigod, riiight? Like ten thousand spoons when all you need is some body armor!

"It's true that many soldiers are being asked to die for an administration that has made many wrong choices, but we ask that those who express negative opinions about the Iraq war or the military industrial complex remember that soldiers should not be swept into their opposition as well. When these ten veterans show up, hopefully, next September, they aren't here to increase diversity or share a different angle on the divestment debate: they're here because more so than your everyday Wesleyan applicant, they understand the meaning of serving higher ideals than naked self-interest, and even self-identified anarchists should respect their willingness to undergo such a service."

So the next time you're heading out on a Friday night, invite the private down the hall. It would be so hilarious to see him/her in his/her fatigues, looking all red state and shit at the next Eclectic party!