Even though we feel there's not much we can say about the current state of the strike that hasn't already been rapped eloquently in the above video, we nonetheless present this briefer-than-usual morning round-up:

· With talks between the WGA and AMPTP resuming this morning, a Variety strike poll reveals that respondents believe that the Writers Guild is doing a much better job of "representing its side of the battle more forcefully and more clearly" than the studios. Indeed, the Companies might have to resort to having lead negotiator Nicholas "J. Nicky 3" Counter star in his own "Studio Boi" video if they hope to keep pace with their adversaries' latest, cutting-edge attempt at virally spreading their message. [Variety]

· An insider tells Nikki Finke that that a deal is "already done, basically" and that it's possible the strike could be over by Christmas. Then again, today's revived negotiations could fall apart out of spite once the studio team hears Writer Boi's boast that "I got a housewife/but she ain't desperate/cause she knows Marc Cherry is handling shit," not wanting anyone to think that the Housewives showrunner has clowned them at the bargaining table. [DHD]· Picket lines: impressive displays of writer solidarity, or well-catered, amusingly themed sidewalk cocktail parties? Why can't they be both? [NY Times]
· Today's featured piece on Unintended Causalities Of The Writers Strike looks at below-the-line personnel who have been laid off (or are waiting to be laid off) as more productions shut down. [LAT]
· United Hollywood takes on the trolls it believes the AMPTP has dispatched into its comment threads to call into question its heartwarming Thanksgiving story of the 7th grader who joined the picket line. [United Hollywood]