Julia Allison isn't the only mildly successful journalist to plumb Craigslist looking for lovers. Jennifer Oh, assistant to the editor at the New Criterion, describes herself in a recent Craigslist post as a "writer, [who works for] a respected magazine, and would be happy to share with you my various lists of awards, accomplishments, etc." Also! "I'm very picky but very, very insatiable and passionate when aroused. My ass and legs look hot in jeans as well as slutty skirts or feminine dresses. Full lips, great breasts, adorable pretty face, and a intelligent, sensual, and also highly affectionate sex appeal that you will love." Oh RLY? Truth be told, she does seem nice but also strangely emotionally vulnerable? Why this is?

Well! Let's let the writer tell you:

Please be under 40 as my last boyfriend, who cruelly broke my heart not too long ago, was 50 yrs. old, and it's important to me (at long last, yes, I've caved in to that reality) that my parents like him. I have gone through too much heartache with my family to risk having yet another bf of whom the family disapproves. Really, it's for my little sisters' sake, and if you met these two adorable little girls, you'd understand too. But I do prefer men over thirty. I think men under 35 are generally too immature to hold hands with, let alone kiss. =) Prove me wrong, please, though!

Ok, well, I'm under 35. I hear you look great in slutty skirts and I'd like to meet you. Your ad says you live in Gramercy, is that where you are? Actually no! Atleast not according to another Craigslist ad Oh recently posted:

I'm looking for a short term to long term rental. I'm currently staying in NC with my parents, but I'll be available to meet you starting Monday and hopefully move in right away...

And also:

I need a furnished short term rental right away because my boyfriend and I are having a trial separation for a year, possibly longer. My parents will be happy to be guarantors if necessary.

Hmm, would it be crass to say you seem nice but don't quite fit our new criteria for a mate?