"Probably my finest skill relates to art directing the process, which includes the design, the marketing, and the sales. The books on my list were so beautifully designed, I used to take art direction credits under a pseudonym—I didn't want anyone to know," fired publisher Judith Regan told the Observer last week. That pseudonym, according to a ReganBooks insider? "Giulietta Regan." Subtle! Then again, subtlety isn't exactly what we've come to expect from the woman who recently wrote in Harper's Bazaar that "the media" "came out, guns blazing, and tried to kill me" over the publication of O.J.'s confession. In that same self-profile, Judith talked about feeling "betrayed," when no one would come to her defense, but according to the same ReganBooks employee, "She talks about betrayal, but she bred betrayal."

"She had people working around the clock to make these books happen, in art, editorial, and production, and yet she always needed to be the sole person taking credit for everything."

But: wanting something as pathetically petty as a transparently 'pseudonymous' art direction credit? Well, that was just par for the course. "She wanted to take credit for the toilets being cleaned, too," our source said wryly.

This same source finds it funny that Judith mentions having a chance to catch up on her reading in that Harper's Bazaar story, guessing that maybe now she'll have a chance to sit down with some of the books she published. Because "she never read anything but the flap copy."