When we informed you yesterday of the lawsuit against the New York Post brought by Maximilia Cordero—the woman who might have been born a man (but she says not!) and who might have been raped by "billionaire financier" Jeffrey Epstein when she was underage—we apparently made some mistakes, according to her lawyer and live-in ex-boyfriend, William Unroch. Unroch wrote us yesterday to request a clarification, and his letter is posted below.

Takeaway points:

  • The Post's claim that Ms. Cordero is transgendered is not a part of her suit against them because it is so ridiculous as to not be "worth wasting the ink."
  • This is called Strategy 111
  • We "obviously have bad reporters who write opinions as fact and do no researching."
  • Mr. Unroch hopes this is the last time he will be writing anything to us. We don't!

From: William Unroch
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 14:47:55 -0500
Subject: Your publishing.

Alleged Epstein Rape Vic Sues 'Post' article was not only a cheap, poor opinionated knock off of Radar Magazine's article it was stupid and uninvestigated. Where not suing the post for being the post and reporting the FACTUAL news! Where suing them for printing horrible, malicious lies they knew were false (if you saw the law suite you would know that) and printed away for a juice story! The fact that the majority of their publishing(s) were based on two web pages (that News Corp. is the parent company for) that the post was well informed several times were not Ms. Cordero's but published away as her words! N Y Post reporters working for the same company that owns myspace.com could have made 1 phone call to find out who created the web pages in question if they didn't believe me. How ever instead they printed it as if what the web pages said came from my clients own mouth ignoring my repeated pleas for them to at else investigate the authenticity of the pages before the write the article if they didn't believe me. I repeat what took me a day and a half to find out (yes I subpoenaed the web pages) could have took one phone for them. That fact that I didn't sue on the basis Ms. Cordero is a transgender is because frankly that issue is so ridiculous that it wasn't worth wasting the ink!!! That issue will be brought up by them and when they subpoena the birth certificate it will look much better for my clients case not only because they raised the issue by because of the outcome (it's called a strategy 111)! Further more the Post reports went around telling my clients friends and family that she suffered from a serious sexual disease which happens to be a criminal matter since the illness is statue protected. Not to mention it was completely false! Basically the whore article was a malicious defamatory lie to assassinate my client's charter cook up be Rubenstein and the post (which they conveniently left out the fact that they share the same publicist as Epstein!). So you say I'm suing the post for being the post! Be guided carefully or I'll bring you into the case for being involved with the post to dismiss and further defame my client as well as this being a effort to poison the future jury pool in News Corp.'s favor! You obviously have bad reporters who write opinions as fact and do no researching! I hope this is the last time I will be writing anything to you!

William Unroch

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