Last night at a David Kuhn-thrown party at Hotel QT, (more later) we ran into Patrick Price, who was Lance Bass's editor Simon Schuster editor Out of Sync: A Memoir. You can look it up, he is the 66th person thanked (after "all my buddies at NASA," God and Jamie Lynn Sigler). Price is a smart looking petite gay man. Bass is the lesbian from 'N Sync who wanted to be an astronaut. So how was working with young Mr. Bass? There was a long pause and a 'how do I say this without getting fired' look: "I mean it's very much Lance Bass. It's very unfiltered." To wit: "We had such starlight in our eyes, we believed we were going to blow everybody away. Then the final votes came back and it turned out we'd lost—to a girl who was deaf!" [Page 10] But more important were questions of the future, not the past. Would there be a Out of Sync Two (perhaps even titled A Life Lived Bass Ackwards?). Price smiled shiftily: "Well, his life continues. There might be a volume two!"