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Even if Walk Hard—the Jake Kasdan/Judd Apatow send-up of Oscar-bait musical biopics like Walk the Line, Ray and the upcoming Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds—turns out to be a letdown, we're at least being entertained by their recent For Your Consideration campaign in the trades. Following John C. Reilly/Dewey Cox's bird-flipping invitation for Academy members to recognize his bravura performance is a new ad in today's Variety, in which Cox, obviously in the throes of whatever substance was fueling a creatively fertile, experimental period in his career, even more defiantly demands the recognition of his peers.

We can't know exactly where the campaign is going, but we'll allow ourselves to hope that the next installment will continue to advance the storyline by featuring the troubled musician unconscious in a hotel bed, naked and quickly asphyxiating on a throatful of his own vomit, with the words YOU CAN CHOKE ON YOUR STUPID FUCKING AWARDS finally renouncing his misguided participation Hollywood's crass popularity contest.

[Ad via Digital Variety]