K-Fed Graces Cover Of Completely Meaningless 'Details' Power Issue

If you're wondering how Kevin Federline made it to the cover of The Details Power 50 issue ("Meet the most influential men under 45,") you probably need to first know that the magazine played fast and loose with their own definition—specifically the "men" part: "Zac Efron, Shia LaBoeuf, and the Disney Kids" come in at #1, the "other F-word" makes a completely baffling appearance at #9, and Iggy—not the punk rocker, but the mangy canine who precipitated Ellen DeGeneres's on-camera meltdown—came it at, we shit you not, #29. So breathe easy—K-Fed's influence still hovers somewhere between that of a Sonic Burger fry-cook's and Erik Estrada's.

(It bears mentioning that he's forced to share his #7 ranking with that other blank-brained tabloid daddy, Larry Birkhead.) Still, we're pleased to see Federline is still approached for the kinds of high-profile exploitation opportunities that have until now defined his career, allowing him the luxury of plopping a copy of the magazine onto the desk of industry players, until one takes the wind out of his sales by scanning the article and pointing out that he comes in two entries before the word "faggot."