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· A brave Carson Daly will be the first late-night talk show host to cross the picket line and attempt to return to work without a writing staff; upon his arrival at the studio, Daly will be awkwardly reminded by a security guard that his show was canceled two years ago. [THR]
· I'm Not There, expected to duke it out in every Oscar category you got with similarly ambitious music biopic Walk Hard, leads the Independent Spirit Award nominations with four. Angelina Jolie flop A Mighty Heart and Ang Lee's artsy, NC-17 fuckfest Lust, Caution received three nods each. [Variety]

· Warner Bros.' Jeff Robinov gets a promotion or a new title or something. Get excited! [Variety]
· The first installment of the two-part Dancing with the Stars finale is Monday night's top-rated show, an impressive Nielsen performance no doubt boosted by Marie Osmond's terrifying dramatization of a demon-possessed doll trying to murder her unsuspecting playmate. [THR]
· Mark Ruffalo is invited to the Leonardo DiCaprio/Martin Scorcese reteaming party Shutter Island. [THR]