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In today's spectacular episode: Britney Spears; Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart, and Ellen Pompeo; Adam Sandler; Judd Apatow; Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley; Jeff Goldblum and Scott Caan; Ron Livingston, Michael C. Hall, and Jennifer Carpenter; Andy Richter; Joey McIntyre, Frankie Muniz, and Sela Ward; Nicole Richie; "Weird" Al Yankovic and Patton Oswalt; Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel; Hulk Hogan; Perry Farrell, Taylor Hawkins, Valerie Bertinelli, and Dennis Rodman; Eva Mendes; Dwight Yoakam; Xander Berkeley; Kate Flannery; Billy Bush; Amber Valletta; Lisa Ling and Giada De Laurentiis; and Bobby Lee.

· 11/23 - While walking out of the Four Seasons spa locker room Friday night, guess who almost knocks into me and says "Hi" (read that with a dripping Southern accent)...Britney Spears! I didn't want to turn and stare, so I didn't get a really good look, but I did see her nappy hair extension job. You can't miss that shit. Also noteworthy was that she was all alone — no handlers, bodyguards, best friend/cousins, baby monitors, etc. We were getting massages at the same time because when I walked out of mine, I heard her say to her masseuse, "That was just great. Thank you. What's your name?" The one time I see Britney Spears she's somewhat classy!

· Tuesday, Nov. 20th...

Posh cousins-in-law came into town and their version of "low-key" dining was going to Giorgio Baldi's in the Palisades/ S.M. vortex...with their two children, age 3 and 1. We were barely into our playdate/meal, when Mr. Ellen Pompeo and the lady herself sat down next to us (he apologized for bumping my chair). They moved tables shortly thereafter due to the rowdy toddlers (we would have done the same if it weren't our family).

Then, I volunteer to taking crying baby outside (and away from the now-glaring patrons) while the rest of the adults finish dessert (which only makes him cry harder). I look up to see if anyone besides me is alarmed by the volume of the kid's lungs and who is there but Calista Flockhart, passing me on the sidewalk with—-oh yes—-Indiana Jones Harrison Ford himself, muttering something about getting a table. They are an attractive couple, and he doesn't look a day over 50. I can die a happy woman now that I have had my glimpse.

· 11/21 Adam Sandler, in full skinny, goateed Zohan mode, is following me on Ventura in a fat, black Caddy with a furry car seat in back.

· Friday 11/23 at the Arclight, Danny DeVito. If you're wondering just how short he really is, running perpendicular to the downstairs concession stand are three metal strips. He was leaning against the wall and is just a tad taller than the middle strip. Which is, come to think of it, about the height of the concession stand.

· At the Borders at Century City's Westfield Shoptopia, saw Judd Apatow browsing tables full of books—shocking behavior in a bookstore, I know. I had suppressed a desire to confront him with questions about Superbad penis doodles, an interaction that would have been awkward for the both of us. Or gotten me tasered by a security guard.

· Grabbing a to-go bite at Niko Niko Sushi on Vermont Tuesday the 20th, spotted Katherine Heigl and her bearded fiancé Josh Kelley on the patio. She was smoking, he wasn't, at one point they leaned in to kiss, and I couldn't help but wonder how he felt about her ashtray breath. Besides that they seemed very much in love.

· Tonight (Sat - November 23rd) at about 8PM ... the sushi restaurant in the little strip mall at Crescent Heights and Beverly Boulevard, first entered Scott Caan with a male friend. They went straight to the sushi bar and sat down. About 10 minutes later Jeff Goldblum and a female companion (wife?) came in, and, after finding that there were no available tables (it is a really small restaurant) sat patiently on the chair by the door. Scott went over and hugged Jeff, and then went back to his dinner. Eventually the waitress took 2 chairs and put them in front of the (super small) sushi bar so that Jeff could sit. He was very gracious to her.

· at marix texmex this weekend (yes I was there saturday and sunday) .. a baseball-capped ron livingston and a blonde woman... and on sunday evening, michael c. Hall (dexter) eating with jennifer carpenter from dexter and exorcism of emily rose

· 11/25 - Andy Richter and his little boy were doing some shopping at the Grove.

· 11/18 - Houston's in CC Mall - TRIFECTA
Oh -oh oh oh oh - Oh oh oh oh - the right stuff - yup New Kids on The Block's Joey McIntyre eating with his wife and either mother or mother in law. He hasn't aged badly . . .

In the wanting to be recognized category Frankie "I still have a faux hawk" Muniz. He wasn't hard to recognize as he had his name written across the back of his football Jersey. Punk chick with him was loving her some Muniz.

Sela Ward with her husband and 2 kids. Still unbelievably hot . . . She is like Michelle Pfeifer, Susan Sarandon, Frances Mcdomand - HOT milfs

· Thanksgiving Day, there she was, Nicole Richie, giving up part of her holiday to feed more than 300 homeless for the organization Food on Foot in Hollywood. Everyone says she's so tiny, so I expected her to be even tinier. She was dressed in all black with big red sunglasses. Like the rest of us, she wore a name tag ("Nicole") and a white Food on Foot apron covering her, um, "bumpiness." The entire time she was there, approx 2 to 4, she never left the side of "Samantha." Didn't see the paps, but word was they were in the bushes clicking away (it was an outdoor feeding on Schrader just south of Hollywood Blvd.). Many celebs do noble work giving out Thanksgiving meals, but let's see them do it, you know, ON THE ACTUAL HOLIDAY. Let's hear it for Nicole for giving up two-plus hours of her Turkey Day.

· We saw "Weird" Al Yankovic and Patton Oswalt enjoying lunch @ Alcove on Saturday afternoon.

· 11/25/07 7:30 pm.
Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmell were throwing a tennis ball back and forth outside osteria la buca on melrose. Sarah asked my friend 'what street is this?' After awhile they went inside and sat at the bar, arms around each other. Jimmy looked haggard and kind of wasted but Sarah looked lovely.

· Was flying from LA to Tampa on Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with the folks and walked on the plane to find Hulk Hogan sitting by himself in first class downing what appeared to be a Bloody Mary. Sadly, no sign of Brooke or street-racer Nick.

· at last night's (11/20) mega-fantastic Van Halen show @ Staples Center were spotted Perry Farrell and Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters's drummer) and at the Palm restaurant across the street were Valerie Bertinelli and Dennis Rodman (not together - but that would be interesting).

· Saw eva mendes on my flight from albuquerque to lax bright and early thanksgiving day coming back for a holiday break from The Spirit set. she was in first class, one of her lesser castmates (by lesser i mean one of the extras) from the Fast and the Furious was back in economy with me (he was taking a break from The Game). He sort of accosted her at baggage claim, she cautiously backed away when he asked if she remembered him.

· I saw Dwight Yoakam in the tightest pair of jeans and sexy girlfriend late last night (Nov 25) at Mayfair Market on Franklin!

· Lunchtime (11/20), @ the Gower Gulch. Sitting amongst the freak parade I saw Xander Berkeley. This guy has been in everything. Best known as the guy that piloted a cessna containing a nuclear device. Was wearing a hat and looking pissed so I didn't bother him.

· 11/21- LAX- USAir/Southwest terminal-

Kate Flannery (boozy Meredith from THE OFFICE) sitting against a pylon with a male companion watching a DVD before their flight.

Taking a break from endless Britney coverage, ACCESS HOLLYWOOD's Billy Bush, with family in tow, rushing through the terminal to catch a plane.

· While negotiating through the Thanksgiving Eve ciaos at LAX today, I spotted Kate Flannery (The Office) waiting for her flight. No drinks or awkward crotch cast in sight- just sitting on the ground, eating a salad. I wouldn't have noticed her at all except that her hair is just as vibrantly red in person as it is on TV.

· Friday, 11/23
Amber Valletta and child at Anastasia of Beverly Hills. They're the picture of relaxed wealth, for lack of a better description. She had little to no make up on and, I think, bedhead. Only saw the back of the kid's head—perfect sunkissed highlights (which, I pray, are natural). She's tall, but not freakishly so, and didn't seem to have the giant head on a stick body thing, so that's good. Seemed nice, I guess.

· 11/24 - Strolling through 3rd St. Promenade on a perfect day I spotted newly preggers, Italian food goddess Giada De Laurentiis with her husband, another woman and a child. They followed her into the Apple store. Also saw Lisa Ling and her new husband. They looked fresh from a workout.

· Nov 25th, late afternoon Saw Bobby Lee of Mad TV at the Los Feliz American Apparel on Sunset/Vermont. Seemed really cool... one of those people that you just instantly like.