· Remember that unknown actress who bore enough of a resemblance to Lindsay Lohan to take off her clothes in a parody video a few months back? She's obviously found her niche as a seminude trainwreck-alike, because now she's returned with in a remake of Britney Spears' lazy-stripper video for "Gimme More."
· Someone's gone through the trouble of assembling a massive collection of screengrabs of all of David Duchovny's Californication conquests. [link NSFW]
· Unbeknownst to us, the Fabio/George Clooney feud of early November was in need of further closure. Nothing says "let's be friends" like a couple of new pals out for a leisurely motorcycle ride.
· If you're trying to make a hardboiled gangster flick, isn't your rich wife sprinkling some stardust on it the last thing you need?