NASCAR Drivers Towing Giant Wal-Mart Full Of Fat Middle-Americans Thru Center Of Manhattan

It's a New York City Department of Transportation "Gridlock Alert Day" so it's also naturally the perfect time for 10 NASCAR drivers to slowly drive their cars around midtown during the morning rush hour. Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and some other dudes whose names you may have heard once or twice on Sportscenter all dragged their stock cars around Times Square this morning, going in a slow-moving, commuter-aggravating circle from Good Morning America's 44th and Broadway studios down to 42nd, over to Madison, up to 53rd, and back down to Times Square, because the best way for NASCAR to boost interest among New Yorkers is to make getting to work on time even more impossible than usual. For, you know, the suckers who have to get to midtown.

Champions Week [NASCAR]