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What's with the bloggers throwing themselves down, dressed head-to-toe in red, in front of the Apple fanboy stampede? First egoblogger Robert Scoble took on the entire universe of Mac fans. Now Silicon Alley VC blogger Fred Wilson tells the world, "I fear Apple and I hate them. As much as Microsoft." What gives?

"My brand image of Apple these days is fear and loathing," Wilson writes:

I am afraid to upgrade to a new version of iTunes because it might make my music and video unusable or it might brick my iPhone. I am afraid to upgrade to Leopard because it might brick my MacBook. I have a brand new iPhone sitting right next to me on my desk that I can't figure out how to unlock and jailbreak now that it comes preloaded with 1.1.2 firmware. So it just sits there on my desk making me hate Apple more every day.