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Even though Tara Reid's once-promising acting career has stalled of late (sadly, her critically embraced turn as a brainy anthropologist in Alone in the Dark was so long ago that she's starting to slide off every low-budget casting director's short list for busty-genius roles), her savvy decision to fully exploit her world-famous Taradise brand keeps her working, especially during the end-of-year party season, when her mistress-of-tequila-soaked-ceremonies services are in heavy demand.

She's apparently booked another high-profile hosting gig Down Under—the buzz from her well-received celebrity bid-spotting performance at a Brisbane horse auction still has her booking agent's phone ringing off the hook—at something called the Hookers Ball, where responsibilities that will reportedly include competing in a wet t-shirt contest and "dress[ing] up in lingerie or even as a prostitute" will surely test the limits of her personal-appearance talents.