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Facebook has bigger problems than the possibility of an FTC inquiry. 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl recently visited the company's Palo Alto offices, says Kara Swisher of AllThingsD. According to Swisher, Stahl interviewed CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Chris Kelly, the network's chief privacy officer. Which can only mean one thing: A major exposé on Facebook coming soon on the hard-hitting CBS news show. Don't think it's serious?

Then just remember Razorfish. What's that? You don't remember Razorfish? Exactly. Jeff Dachis, former CEO of the online ad agency, was crucified on television by a 60 Minutes episode in which he proved unable to define what, exactly, his dotcom did to earn its keep. "We've asked our clients to recontextualize their business," said Dachis. Gotcha. While the 60 Minutes appearance wasn't the only thing that did Razorfish in, Dachis's company, once worth $4 billion, was soon sold for $8.2 million. Let's hope Zuckerberg fares better on camera.