Bay Ridge smells like shit. Ever since a mysterious $6.9 million sewer project was completed in 2006, "a stretch of Fort Hamilton Parkway between Marine Ave. and 99th St." has been blanketed with the unmistakable stench of human waste, according to the Daily News. Which has Bay Ridge's old and cranky residents upset!

So they complained to the city, and the city responded by filling socks with pine-scented air freshener and placing them in sewer drains, a solution that was sure to please residents who huff household cleaners and live out of their cars.

But the air freshener thing has, shockingly, made the situation even worse for neighbors with functioning olfactory nerves, so the city promises to fill even more socks with even more Pine-Sol. BUT WON'T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

Fred Birkenfelv, 73, who attends the senior center at St. John's Church on the street, said he worries the odor could be unhealthy.

"The smell is worse than nauseating," the retired Texaco driver said.

"We walk by and it may just make us gag, but there are mothers pushing baby carriages. If a little one gets a whiff of that, who knows what damage it could do?"

It could very well inure them to living in Bay Ridge!

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