launched today with great fanfare, three Us Weekly staffers [Correction: 3 In Touch staffers, 2 Us staffers.], and millions of Murdoch dollars. This is what it looks like in Firefox. Look out, TMZ! Rape victim-slandering PR house RUBENSTEIN COMMUNICATIONS says, "Cyberspace just got sixed." The information superhighway just has just been emasculated! Dead people with misattributed photos have just been spotted in the blogosphere!

When your favorite famous black person gets arrested, will be there.

"When people wake up, will be the place they'll go to find out who hooked up at the clubs and what their favorite celebrity athlete is planning to say at his 10 a.m. arraignment. Simply put, is going to be the celebrity gossip addict's ultimate fix — morning, noon and night," said Chris Shaw, Vice President of Digital Media for

As the last Gawker employee not yet disgusted with the utter degradation of the discourse on the internet, we are thrilled to welcome Richard Johnson's merry band of shameless dead-eyed scandal-mongering page view-whores to this wonderful new information age.

And the site looks great (in Internet Explorer), with photos and videos almost-but-not-quite identical to the content on TMZ and OK! and UsWeekly, plus the items from the print column available in convenient "blog post" form.

Now we'll just wait for the inevitable cellphone-captured celebrity racist rant that will catapult to true web success.