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Last we heard from Yahoo SVP Scott Moore, he announced that Yahoo would introduce a singing newsreader for Yahoo News. That plan, possibly a joke gone awry, eventually disappeared. Kinda like the career of his predecessor at Yahoo, Lloyd Braun. But luckily for him, and for Yahoo shareholders, Moore, who's now adding oversight of Yahoo's entertainment properties to his portfolio, is no Lloyd Braun.

Moore, an 11-year Microsoft veteran before joining Yahoo in 2005, was hired by the disgraced and departed Braun, it's true. But the fact that he outlasted Braun and has continued to rise is a testament to the political skills he acquired at the software giant. Moore will take over much of Yahoo's enterainment division, including music, TV, movies, games, and gossip site OMG, which has garnered little buzz but appears to have overtaken AOL's TMZ in the ratings.

Moore displaces SVP Vince Broady, who remains with the company for now, but without a portfolio. He'll continue to report to Jeff Weiner, who'd best watch his back. They play corporate politics for keeps up in Redmond.