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A former Yahoo executive tells us Scott Moore is "capable and well-liked." And that at Yahoo these days, that means Moore's going to have to take on as much responsibility as possible. Or more. "Lloyd Braun got chewed up pretty good for doing exactly what Yahoo hired him to do," our source explains. "So I think they'd have a challenging time attracting the kind of operational leaders that they need." Given the weight of Moore's new responsibility — he'll be running news, sports, entertainment, music, TV, movies, games, and the gossip site OMG — what does our source say about Moore's chances?

"He has a huge portfolio now," the former exec said. "That's a really challenging portfolio for anybody. Scott is really good at news, but a lot of the other properties will be a bit more a challenge to him." That's polite corporatespeak for saying he's been given more responsibility than our source believes he can handle. We hear he's relocated at least one trusted lieutenant to Los Angeles to help with the load.