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The Las Vegas entertainment landscape has never fully recovered from the abrupt departure of Siegfried & Roy, the openly schwul Bavarian illusionists renowned for the tiger-charming prowess, after a shocking stage mishap that saw Roy carried off in the jaws of one of their prized feline performers. Now, in an exclusive interview with the Review Journal, Siegfried reveals that with the near-miraculous strides Roy has made in his recovery (he's playing racquetball! Against tigers!), a return to the Vegas floorshow stage isn't out of the realm of possibility:

Restless after four years of retirement, illusionists Siegfried and Roy are hinting they still have something up their sleeves.

Asked about their rumored return to show business, Roy coyly responded: "A good magician never lets the cat out of the bag. Act surprised when you hear about it."

Added Siegfried: "It's all in the experimental stage, conceptual," he said Friday in a rare interview. [...]

"[Roy's recovery] cheers me up," Siegfried said. "All the doctors say what he's doing now is impossible. I've always said, 'I am the magician and Roy is the magic.' And Roy shows me every day the magic — the magic of life."

A moment to bask in the glitter-dusted romantic alchemy of one of showbiz's most enduring pairings, before launching into conjecture over what exactly the "conceptual" new show will entail: We imagine the fingerprints of Cirque de Soleil dreamweaver Franco Dragone will be all over it, in perhaps an autobiographical production tracing the magicians' life story from Siegfried's first "disastrous magic show for a goat farmers club" in 1953, to their chance meeting on a German cruise ship, to their eventual conquering of the desert showbiz world, and set entirely to the music of David Hasselhoff.