Are these quotes from the historically-telescoping N+1 article about Gawker that allegedly semi-prompted the resignation of my co-worker Emily Gould—or from the upcoming Sony horror film Untraceable?

  • "The more people who visit the site the faster he bleeds."

  • "This website is like nothing we've ever seen before." And: "The public is tuning in at an alarming rate."

  • "OMG"

  • "At times his insults and his humor, in the language he imitated, were so subtly placed that they could be missed completely."

  • "Anything you say will only promote the site and kill him faster."

  • "You get the sense of a young woman who works very hard, whose friends think she's funny, and who's been tasked with impersonating an older, much worldlier gay man."

  • "Any American who visits the site is an accomplice to murder."
  • Bonus video:

    Answers: Movie, Movie, Movie, N+1, Movie, N+1, Movie. BUT all apply to each equally! Right?