Need $50? Want to ruin some woman's day? Craigslist can help.

Says someone:

i have to serve someone a court order. but the law says that since i am the petioner i cant legally serve that person myself. i need someone who is atleast 18 years of age to do it.All you have to do is hand the paper to that person and walk away. ( if you take the train in the morning you might see people in aprons just handing out newspapers. thats the job basically except you only have to do it to one person)

Well, that's oversimplifying it a bit, but do go on:

i will take you to the address and all you need to do is hand it to her. if she doesnt want to take it you can just drop it at her feet and walk away. then i will take you to my job ( at a law firm) and there you will fill out a short form. (you just have to write the address in which you served her at and the time and date. sign and the notary at my job will seal it) and your job is done! ...i will pay you a crisp $ 50.00 bill and we can go our seperate ways.

Well, it's almost that simple. I called in my dad as a legal expert.

"It could be for any civil action," he said. "Divorce, eviction papers, complaints for money damages."

"Of course, you gotta watch out for sewer service," he added. "That's when the person takes the papers they're supposed to serve somebody, throws them in the sewer, fills out the proof-of-service papers, turns it in and gets paid anyway."

Also: Don't law firms teach you to type and spell?