The fourth lawsuit against the Parks Department's plan to DESTROY THE CHARACTER of Washington Square Park was thrown out of court yesterday, so bring on the bulldozers. The city will move the fountain over 23 feet to line it up with the arch, because that's been bugging them for 130 years now. Thankfully community activists saved the weird concrete mounds.

NYU—administration there is terribly excited about the project, BTW, and also coincidentally they own everything surrounding the park—will hold its commencement at a baseball stadium during the renovation and undercover cops posing as drug dealers will be relocated to Tompkins Square.

The renovation "could begin as soon as the end of this month and is projected to last two or three years," according to NYU's Washington Square News. We're pretty sure the reason neighborhood activists lost is because they have the ugliest website we have ever seen.

No word yet on how the renovation will affect the "creepy" southwestern corner of the park that NYU students are afraid to walk through and where a woman was found dead yesterday.

(We'll see you at the tree-lighting tonight!)

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