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I received this email from a friend who was invited to try out New York-based jerky-jerky entrepreneur Charles Forman's new Tetris ripoff, Blockles. What to expect? Well, Forman writes, "like a a first person shooter + tic/tac/toe + eating babies." Sounds thrilling.

Megan ... If you need filler stories while you eagerly await jumping the valleywag ship, (Note: Do I need filler stories? Yes. Yes, I do) here's an email I just got from Chuck Forman, founder of iminlikewithyou (the guy with the postcard sized business card).

Here's the missive from Forman.

————— Forwarded message ————— From: Charles Forman Date: Nov 30, 2007 8:57 PM Subject: TEST MY GAME, WIN A FREE BROKEN IPOD To:

Hi Everyone!

After the success of eating at subway today, we are working on a new game. Imagine like a first person shooter + tic/tac/toe + eating babies.

I'll need testers. And that could mean you would be in the drivers seat of one (1) genuine iminlikewithyou color video game experience extravaganza.

It will change the way you think about the internet.


If you would like to test, let me know.


Charles Forman
*not a candian*
iminlikewithyou // founder