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Ulitzer claims it will be the leading content source on the Internet even before it launches sometime next year. Now they're hiring the "best software architect alive!" Do you qualify for this dream job? Despite being a completely unknown startup, Ulitzer claims: "By 2010, three out of five books will be published at Time, The New York Times, and Scientific American will be replaced by Ulitzer in the next five years." True, traditional media is struggling to sustain its fat profit margins, but if you're foolish enough to think it's about to disappear, you might be a perfect match for Ulitzer. The only problem: Ulitzer's laughable hiring criteria are likely to screen out anyone with the requisite capacity for self-delusion. After the jump, Ulitzer's job listing.

  • Are you the person who wrote most of the Facebook or MySpace code?
  • Were you the main architect who converted Yahoo! code from a proprietary system to PHP?
  • Is your Google badge number smaller than 100?
  • Have you delivered a large-scale CMS on Drupal, Django or another popular open source platform?
  • Do you agree that CMS would be more appropriately defined as "Community Management System"?