Many readers expressed incredulity regarding the case of two Williamsburg residents who were burgled while they were "working" at home. ("Apparently, the victims — a 24-year-old woman and 26-year-old man — were working so hard that they failed to notice that someone had broken into their apartment and stolen a Toshiba laptop, a Sony Playstation 2, an iPod, an iMac, a digital camera, a mini-disc recorder, and a video iPod.") What exactly were they doing? Each other? Drugs? How did they not notice? Were they listening to their iPod? (No, it was stolen!) Turns out that the simplest answer is indeed the most obvious!

According to the third roommate involved, actually, NO ONE WAS HOME. Says the roommate:

Everybody was at work, and we're not sure why they wrote that. The police didn't seem to be confused about it. We thought it was funny. Maybe they were trying to sell more papers?

Oh! Is that what sells papers! The two were, for the record, at their jobs.