It's been such a long wait for all of us! But at last, the World Trade Centre is nearly ready for its opening day. In just a few months, it will be a proud day for all of us in Bahrain. How will this World Trade Centre be different from, um, New York's?

Well, for starters, it'll be totally cool. As it says on developer Atkins Design's website:

Client: Confidential
Area: 120,000 sq. m
Type: 240 m high twin office towers & shopping mall
Status: under construction

The towers are meant to follow a nautical theme, and are shaped like sails. There are "three wind turbines," whose installations are already complete, between the towers to incorporate "renewable energy solutions." Hey, someone else thinks they can do it better, they should be our guest downtown. And maybe also they could turn back the clock a few years and start some construction!