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Scott Moore's career is on fire. The already overtaxed executive is taking over Yahoo's media division. His role has expanded to include oversight of music, TV, movies, games, and gossip site OMG. But a former Yahoo consultant worries that Moore's out of his depth. "[Moore] is a news guy," our source tells us. "He's not really a traditional product person. Scott doesn't really understand a lot of what's going on in terms of how things are monetized these days." And when it comes to managing talent, he says, Moore has a habit of sucking the oxygen out of the room.

Our source says "really good talent underneath [Moore] tends to suffer." Deanna Brown, for example, left to run Scripps's interactive division — but only after Moore essentially forced her out. "She launched Food for Yahoo under Scott Moore and was completely stifled. She was a talent that everyone around her thought was probably at Scott's level, but he just didn't let her breathe." For his part, Moore now pooh-poohs topics like food as too small for Yahoo, according to PaidContent.

Interesting. Yesterday, we also heard that Neil Budde, the founding editor of and a star hire for Yahoo three years ago, might be finding Moore's management style a bit stifling and may be on his way out, though PaidContent doubts it. Any Moore stories? Yahoos, want to come up for air? Drop us a line.