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In just the latest example of mounting tensions between stars and the auteurs who cast them, director Paul Schrader wasn't one to mince words when a reporter asked why he thought Woody Harrelson, who plays a gay D.C. escort to older society women in his film The Walker, refused to put in his requisite junket time promoting the film. From the NY Observer:

"As a person, he's a nice guy, and as an actor, he's very talented, but as a professional, he's a shit," said Mr. Schrader, who theorized that Mr. Harrelson didn't like his performance in the movie.

(Mr. Harrelson's publicist said simply, "Woody is taking some time to spend with his family.") "Usually, even if an actor has a problem, they suck it up and do some work but. ... Woody has not. That, to me, is pretty unprofessional."

As is too often the case with creative visionary types, we think an oversensitive Schrader is perhaps reading way more than necessary into Harrelson's press-tour absence, equating the actor's refusal to subject himself to 12 hours' worth of foreign entertainment reporters' repetitive, clumsily phrased questions along the lines of, "So tell me Woody: Do you see any similarities between, say, yourself, the moron from that Cheers bar, and this gay hooker with the silly moustache?" to a rejection of the project outright.