Yahoo Media holds all-hands as new boss "prioritizes"

If new Yahoo Media czar Scott Moore leaves his underlings short of breath, his boss, Jeff Weiner, doesn't seem to mind. Weiner told PaidContent that during an all-hands meeting today, Yahoo will centralize control with Moore so "he can prioritize. This is the best way to leverage." When the big boss talks about "prioritizing" and "leveraging," that can only mean one thing: Update your resumé.

Naturally, Moore's down with central control. "We couldn't just keep launching smaller sites," he told PaidContent. "We couldn't just keep adding sites like food or tech or that kind of thing indefinitely. We need to chunk things up into larger areas."

If Moore felt this way all along, it's no wonder Yahoo Food GM Deanna Brown left for Scripps to escape him. Still, you have to credit Yahoo for going with a guy who seems to have made things work with Yahoo News and Sports. The counterargument: At News, he had Neil Budde, hired away from Dow Jones, and at Sports, he had Yahoo's big fantasy-league franchise to carry him.