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Last month, much of pricey "managed hosting" provider Rackspace's Dallas-area datacenter went offline because of a system failure related to power outages and a traffic accident. Rackspace, which prides itself on 100 percent network uptime, is one of the most expensive hosting providers out there. You get what you pay for. Most customers enthusiastically recommend them, as they rarely go offline. Or used to. The past month has not been good for Rackspace's reputation. Over this past weekend, they experienced another power failure at the same Texas datacenter. During the failure, they "experienced an increase in operating temperature." After "speaking with customers," Rackspace shut down some servers until they could resolve the situation. Not a good sign. Cooling issues were what brought the center down last time. And today, more problems!

The Register is reporting that Rackspace's LonB facility in London's Park Royal area has lost power and one generator failed to start up knocking 10 percent of its U.K. customers offline. A company spokesman said, "Obviously, we will be testing to see what went wrong with this one." Obviously. Rackspace's customers likely feel they're being tested, too.