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24 star and Everyone's Favorite Hollywood Drinking Buddy Kiefer Sutherland, as we briefly noted on our way out the door Wednesday evening, reported to the Glendale City Jail to begin serving his DUI sentence, scuttling our perhaps delusional hopes he might somehow elude his captors and rendezvous with Mary Lynn Rajskub in an abandoned Van Nuys warehouse to plot his next move, leaving a trail of snapped forearms and bullet-riddled kneecaps in his wake.

The newly launched is offering an online tour of Sutherland's home for the next 48 days, a stint they depressingly note will encompass both the Christmas and New Year's holidays. Though Sutherland will afforded no special privileges during his stay (as a jail spokesperson noted with a barely disguised relish at having such a famous guest, "It was lights out at 10 p.m. for Jack Bauer."), the warden is reportedly considering making an exception to accommodate the actor's holiday observances, and may erect a Christmas tree in the prisoners' common area for a brief Christmas Eve tackling ceremony, one which he hopes will help the new inmate bond with other members of the incarcerated community as they celebrate the Yuletide season.