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In his tireless quest to be regarded as the Greatest And Most Generous Tipper In The World, billionaire reality TV host Donald Trump bestowed a $10,000 gratuity upon a lucky server at Santa Monica's Buffalo Club on Monday night (for a bill of a mere $82—a markup our quick mental calculations put at 4 million percent), shattering the waiter's personal record once established by Hollywood's best-remunerated producer of blowing-shit-up fare. has the receipt (click the photo for the larger version) from the transaction and the server's appreciative blow-by-blow of how The Donald came to make his year:

"What's the biggest tip you ever got?" "Jerry Bruckheimer comes in a lot. He tipped me $500 on a $1000 check once." Trump nodded his head.

"You're very good at your job." "Thanks." Trump and the other guy got up to leave, said thanks again and left. I went back to the table to grab the check but didn't have time to look at it until later. When I did, I couldn't believe what I saw. Honestly, at first I thought he had tipped me $1000. But when I looked a second (and twentieth) time, it was actually $10,000. I was speechless.

Somewhat disappointingly, the rest of the waiter's story lacks the payoff we'd been hoping for, as Trump left the restaurant without fanfare. Still, we can hold out hope that his legendary self-promoting instincts will get the better of him, and he'll return to the Buffalo Club in the next few days with an Entertainment Tonight camera crew in tow to reenact the special moment and instigate the kind of public feud he relishes, this time ending the scene with a phone call to Bruckheimer, inviting the "cheap bastard" to come down and "share some of the millions of dollars that gay pirate made you."

UPDATE: Trump says he's the victim of a hoax to make him look improbably generous.