"I'm here with Bart PittBrad—Pitt in tornado-ravaged New Orleans, a city that Brad—Brad! Wait, I got it right that time, stop correcting me in the earpiece—here has pledged to help rebuild. So, Brad. The kids. How many are we up to now? Fifteen? Four.

Now some of these children...you didn't father all of them. The Zahara one and at least one of the Asians, am I right about that? Before we get to why we're sitting here in this empty lot where so many houses stood before Sabrina blew through town, the question begs to be asked: How many more kids do you think you and the wife are going to have? Because, you know, four, that's a lot. Probably enough. Most people quit around one, maybe two. You want more? What do you say to people who tell you, let's cool it with the orphans already, maybe make some movies instead? Anyway—Toldeo, you're on the line with Brad Pitt. Tell the guy enough is enough. Oh. I'm being told we don't have the phones out here. Still, my point stands."